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3 axis camera support stabilizer
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Independent gimbal control from the world leaders in multi-rotor flight technology. The HoverflyGIMBAL stabalizes your shot just the way you want. Featuring our patented Hovercore technology, HoverflyGIMBAL packs powerful 3 axis control in a small footprint. Mounts on the craft or under the camera depending on the frame of reference required. Manufactured in the USA from the highest quality sensors available. Reliable and repeatable, it provides a perfect horizon every time.


  • Gimbal Stablization
  • 3x MEMS Gyro
  • 3x MEMS Accelerometer
  • 3 axis MEMS Magnetometer (fixed heading hold of camera regardless of craft heading)
  • 3 Servo Outputs, 3 Receiver Inputs
  • 8x Parallel Processing for the ultimate in rapid, accurate gimbal control
  • Camera Auto Return to Home Option (for 2 axis systems)


EASY AS 1, 2, 3

HoverflyGIMBAL offers a simple, easy to use solution for gimbal control on mast systems, aerial systems, or anywhere else you need to stabalize your shot. The controller manages up to 3 axis for pan, tilt and roll. It automatically maintains orientation in each axis, so you don't have to - offering repeatable, steady, and level shots. Three axis control comes in handy for two axis gimbal systems too - for example if roll is left level, then the third channel can be used as an "auto return to home" option.

Two modes of control: 

  1. Autolevel mode – automatically maintains its orientation without the need for an external controller in 1, 2, or 3 axis
  2. Fixed Control mode (requires transmitter and receiver) – camera starts in a fixed position and you can go into a mode where center stick is your position and you can use the transmitter to alter or control the camera into a new fixed position.



HoverflyGIMBAL mounts in the camera reference frame or in the body reference frame, providing you with two mounting methods to achieve just the right shot for your application.

Body or Camera reference mounting options:

  • Body reference - mounted to top of camera. In this mounting option the camera stays level in the air while the craft moves around it. HoverflyGIMBAL actively measures the craft movement and adjusts the gimbal control to keep the camera level. 

  • Camera reference - mounted to the bottom (under camera). In this mounting option HoverflyGIMBAL will keep the camera level with respect to the ground. The system measures camera movement in this mode.



Elevated photography, aerial photography - HoverflyGIMBAL works where ever you need it. Great for multi-copter gimbal mounts or pole and mast systems.

  • Works with any compatible camera gimbal mount
  • Use in multi-copter camera gimbal applications not required
  • Compatible for use with the Hoverfly Flight Control system (but not required for proper function of the Hoverfly Gimbal Controller)


We’ve packed the HoverflyGIMBAL full of filmmaking features that you might not know you need until you dive into the next shoot.

  • Hardware features:
    • 3 Axis MEMS Gyro, 3x MEMS Accelerometer, 3 Axis MEMS Magnetometer (fixed heading hold of camera regardless of craft heading, control in 3rd axis of yaw), (8x) parallel processing for the ultimate in rapid, accurate gimbal control
    • 3 Servo Outputs, 3 Receiver Inputs
    • Advanced 9 degree of freedom motion stabilization algorithm offers the ultimate in stability
  • Software features:
    • Sensitivity control featuring “soft” to “hard” adjustability for smooth control ("Steadicam® feel") to sharp stop control (reality TV feel)



  • HoverflyGIMBAL Controller
  • HoverflyGIMBAL Configuration Software
  • USB Cable


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